· Did the rowing portion of 16.4 make you question your very existence?
· Getting ready for Row 4 A Reason next week?
·Want to become the best version of yourself and dominate the rowing machine once and for all?
·Love supporting a great cause and fellow crossfitter?




About Me:

I’m Samantha Seldon, a four-year DI rower at the University of Louisville, crossfitter, and future Bike & Builder.  I’ve logged millions of meters on the rower and on the water and have benefitted from a lot of wonderful coaches along the way. This summer I will be joining the non-profit Bike & Build to benefit affordable housing and empower young people to lead service-driven lives by biking across the country!  I would love to share my rowing expertise with you to reduce your risk of injury, increase your efficiency on the rowing machine, and support my trip!  100% of the proceeds from the clinic will benefit Bike & Build! J


What to expect from the 1-hour clinic:

·      Break down of stroke mechanics

·      1-on-1 coaching on technique

·      Warm-up drills and exercises to prepare for any rowing WOD

·      ~ 20’ WOD (12’ of work and 10’ total rest)


You will leave with . . .

·      Improved technique and efficiency on the rower

·      Vocabulary and knowledge to better coach others on the rower

·      Sense of pride for mastering the rowing machine and supporting a great cause!


Rowing Clinic 411:

·      Where: Anywhere there’s a rowing machine!

·      When: At your convenience! (Contact me to set up a date and time.)

·      Cost: Minimum $20 donation to Bike & Build:

·      Contact:


About the Cause:

Bike & Build has a two-fold mission, the first of which is to support, encourage, and promote affordable housing across the country.  Second, Bike & Build seeks to empower young adults to lead service driven lives.  In pursuit of this mission, each year B&B organizes 8 cross-country bike routes in which teams of 30 riders raise $4,500 dollars and peddle across the country.  Along the way, we stop in towns from coast-to-coast to work on build sites with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and give presentations on Affordable Housing and the powerful way it can transform lives.  Visit for more info!