CrossFit 615 Clean and Jerk Clinic


We will go over proper form and technique of two strong lifts and then combine them into the Olympic goodness that is the Clean and Jerk.


The Clean as defined by Wikipedia

To execute a clean, a lifter grasps the barbell just outside the legs, typically using a hook grip. Once the barbell is above the knees, the lifter extends explosively, raising the bar as high as possible before quickly dropping into a squat and receiving it in a "racked" position in front of the neck and resting on the shoulders. To complete the clean, the lifter stands, often propelling the bar upward from the shoulders slightly as the erect position is attained and shifting the grip slightly wider and the feet slightly closer together in preparation for the jerk. This form of clean, commonly referred to as power clean, was popularized by Dent Guarino.

The Jerk as defined by Wikipedia

The jerk begins from the "front rack" position, which is the finishing position of the clean. The lifter dips a few inches by bending the knees, keeping the back vertical, and then explosively extends the knees, propelling the barbell upward off the shoulders, and then quickly dropping underneath the bar by pushing upward with the arms and splitting the legs into a lunge position, one forward and one back. The bar is received overhead on straight arms, and, once stable, the lifter recovers from the split position, bringing the feet back into the same plane as the rest of the body.


In the hour and a half clinic, we will focus on and teach:


  • The difference between a Full Squat Clean and a Power Clean
  • The Hook Grip
  • Proper Footwork (Using chalk to find our positions)
  • High Hang Clean
  • Low Hang (Launch Position) Clean
  • "From the Floor" Clean
  • The Clean High-Pull


  • The difference between the different Presses (Strict, Push) and Jerks (Push, Split) and when to use which.
  • Proper Footwork (Using chalk to find our positions)
  • The Tall Jerk
  • The Jerk Balance

You will learn to explode with power, drive the bar high, and push yourself under the bar to meet the bar where it is. 

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