A Killer Review from Mary Lambkin, Fitness Blogger and Lover of Life.

People from all walks of life come through our door here at CrossFit 615 in East Nashville. We are blessed to touch so many lives and help them along the way in their fitness journey. As coaches, we are constantly engaging and encouraging our athletes as we cheer them on with high-fives and a pats on the back. We do our best to overcome the negative stigma associated with CrossFit and to show the happy side of our sport.

Recently, fitness blogger Mary Lambkin and her husband, Anthony, attended one of our packed out Endurance Class (Formerly BootCamp 615) classes during the Thanksgiving holiday. They both previously participated in CrossFit at a box in D.C. with a less than desirable experience (she and her husband wrote two separate blogs on why they quit CrossFit), so when I read Mary's review of 615, my heart was full. Her blog post is a high-five and pat on the back for our coaches, and I couldn't be happier. After you check out the review, check out her blog, Minutes Per Mile, it's got some great info. Thanks for coming to hang with us Mary and Anthony, we hope to see you again soon.

Coach A

You can find her blog/review here.

Drop it Like it's Squat

We do it every day...squat.  We sit in a chair, we get out of the chair, rinse and repeat.  Are we doing it correctly? Maybe? How are those knees feeling? How's that back of yours?  The National Academy of Sports Medicine just wrote a great blog on squatting and I thought it was worth sharing.  It's important we listen to our bodies and it's important we respond.  Let's not bend the rules....let bend WITH the rules....

Happy Squatting,


Click on me, I'm the link to the NASM BLOG POST!