Competitor training


Not Coach Led.
Coach Participated.
Not For Beginners.
1 Year CrossFit Experience Required.
You will push yourself.
You will have fun.


  • Pre-WOD Warm-up: Since this is a Competitor's Program, you will warm-up prior to the start of class on your own. Recommend Minimum General Warm Up:
    • 5 Minutes on Bike or Row
    • Self-Myofacial Release (Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball)
    • Series of Static Holds and Stretches (Lizard, Pigeon, etc...)
    • Burgener Warm-Up (with PVC and/or Barbell)
    • Barbell Warm-Up (2 rounds of 5 reps of the following:)
      • Good Mornings
      • Rear Neck Push Press
      • Back Squat
      • Front Rack Strict Press
      • Front Squat
      • Bent Over Row
      • Deadlift
    • Dynamic Stretches 
  • WOD - Workout of the Day: Programmed day of by the Coaches. It will be long and technical. A full hour or more of work.