Power Packed.
You will feel the burn.
You will learn something.
You will improve.
You will have fun.


  • Pre-Class: We recommend self myofascial release.  Self myofascial release can be done with a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or other gear that get's the job done.  What's the job?  Our muscles get tight and bunched up.  They can get knots in them that inhibit proper muscle movement.  The job of self myofascial release is to target those knots, usually found on your calves, thighs, and upper back, and work them out until they relax.  By applying pressure to the knot and holding that pressure for around 30 seconds, your body will respond by relaxing, allowing your muscle to move in a less inhibiting manner. We have all the gear you willl need to "roll out" and any coach can help to make sure you are doing it correctly.
  • Warm-up: Class will start with a group warm-up to get the heart and blood moving. We will have both a general warm-up as well as a specific warm-up incorporating dynamic stretching movements.  The general warm-up gets the overall body warm, while the specific warm-up targets a specific body part that we may be focusing on during the strength portion of the class.  
  • Strength/Skill: The strength/skill portion of the class will focus on a particular muscle group through a predetermined program we follow called CompTrain Class. We will often hit back squats, front squats, and Olympic movements and use percentages of weights and repetition schemes to maximize benefits. We will work on gymnastics skill work or Olympic Lifting technique work as well. Track your progress on our computer system so you will always know how much weight you did the class before and know where you should be for the next class.
  • WOD - Workout of the Day: After the strength portion of the class, we will have our Workout of the Day or WOD.  This will be the cardio portion of the class with gymnastic movements and barbell lifts intertwined to give you a killer workout. Since CrossFit is about functional movements and all around fitness, anything goes in our WODs.  We are very mindful of our programming, making the WODs even more rewarding as the days begin to stack up.  Sometimes the WOD is "for time" and sometimes its an "AMRAP" or sometimes it's an "EMOM". If it's for time, the athlete will complete the workout and record the amount of time it took to complete.  If it's an AMRAP, the athlete will complete As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible of the workout in a set amount of time and record the amount of reps completed. If it's an EMOM, the athlete will do the movement and reps at the top of every minute and rest until the top of the next minute. The next time the same WOD comes up, you can track your improvement.