Okay...There isn't a CrossFit Lite "class". Confusing? Don't let it be. It's just our way of having you join our CrossFit class before you've completed Foundations. Check it out...

"CrossFit Lite" is simply a modified version of our CrossFit classes. You will participate with the rest of the CrossFit class, but the coach will modify movements for you until you learn the barbell movements we teach in our Foundations class. It's not a separate class or class time. 

So…for example, if the class is doing a Barbell Snatch, you will do a Dumbbell Snatch, which is way easier to teach and master. The coaches will teach you any and all movements you need to know. No prior experience is necessary. Just jump right in to our CrossFit classes or our endurance classes and get comfortable with the gym, lingo, clock, and movements. Then, jump on into Foundations!

Here you will begin to learn many auxiliary/accessory movements found in our CrossFit workouts. You will be working side by side our CrossFit 615ers in one of our CrossFit classes, but it will be scaled appropriately with no barbell movements.

It's very similar to our Free Trial Class, but now you're a member and it's all starting to make sense!


  • sweat
  • basic movements, found in our Endurance classes, no barbell movements.
  • introduction to the clock, and pace of a class.
  • a sense of accomplishment


  • water bottle
  • towel
  • comfortable athletic clothing
  • cross-training shoes (running shoes will get you through the class, but not recommended for anything other than running and your enjoyment will always be elevated when your gear is working for you, not you working against your gear)
  • an open mind and a positive attitude