Step 2 - foundations

Grab a PVC pipe and starting learning some cool Olympic movements in a one on one private session...


While we are a teaching gym and every class has a teaching component, we like to make sure you have the knowledge you need to make the most out of your time here at CrossFit 615.  To do this, we have our new athletes participate in our CrossFit Foundations. Our CrossFit Foundations program consists of four (4) one-on-one sessions introducing the barbell, gymnastics, Olympic lifts, and other movements, as well discussions on nutrition, basic lifestyle guidelines, and goals. Foundations Personal Training Session are included in your Membership.

*If you are an experienced CrossFitter who is transferring from a CrossFit registered box to our box, you may not be required to take all the Foundations classes if approved by a Foundations Coach. Send us an email at for more conversation.



1. Pick a Membership option best for you.
2. Join Today
3. A link and password to our Foundations Scheduler will be sent to you in an email.
4. Follow the link to schedule your Foundations Sessions.


  • You will define your goal(s) and generate a plan for success

  • Learn barbell movements starting off using a PVC pipe and progress to a 15lb technique bar and then progressing to either a men's barbell (45lbs) or women's barbell (35lbs) depending on hand size and level of comfort. Here our Foundations coaches will teach different Olympic lifting and discuss proper form and technique from feet and hand position with theories of hip movement as it applies to force and the ability to move the weight efficiently.

  • Learn the mechanics and fundamentals of the gymnastics movements used in class

  • Discuss nutrition and lifestyle factors necessary to reach your goals


  • CrossFit 615 Foundations Manual (you will receive this your first session)

  • water bottle

  • towel

  • comfortable athletic clothing

  • cross-training shoes (running shoes will get you through the class, but not recommended for anything other than running and your enjoyment will always be elevated when your gear is working for you, not you working against your gear)

  • an open mind and a positive attitude