Want to try it before you buy it? FREE Trial Class is for you!

Free Trial Classes are held Thursday morning and evening class times, and Sunday at 10:30am. Schedule your FREE trail class today!


1. Click on the link HERE.
2. The link will prompt you to pick a class date and time that works for you.
3. Follow the rest of the prompts, including signing our waiver (our insurance friends make us do this and once you've signed the waiver, you will not have to sign it again.)
4. Come on in to your scheduled class and have fun!

What to expect:

  • sweat
  • basic movements
  • accessory movements
  • introduction to the clock, and pace of a class.
  • a sense of accomplishment

What to bring:

  • water bottle
  • towel
  • comfortable athletic clothing
  • cross-training shoes (running shoes will get you through the class, but not recommended for anything other than running and your enjoyment will always be elevated when your gear is working for you, not you working against your gear)
  • an open mind and a positive attitude